Vandana Senthil

Hi, I am Vanadana Senthil from Tuticorin , hope your year has been as colorfully productive and interesting as mine has been. For me crafting is like a meditation and I believe Work done by you with unconditional love and pure devotion goes straight in the category of divine and immortal craft. I am a proud owner of Iridescent Secrets which is a fine arts studio that focuses on Mixed Media Art.

Although I have been creative since childhood it took many years to listen to my creative soul, and become an artist and my journey started long back when my first child was about to born. Being at home I was getting bored and thought of using that time in something creative and started with some fun project just to beat the boredom and then one of our relatives approached me and asked me to organize their gift packaging and that was my first project and there has been no looking back,slowly I got hands on it and my passion became my profession and I was offered Rs.500 some 23 years back.

Crafting is so much diversified and each comes with its Unique creation. My entire foundation is based on my belief that: you are at the right time, right place and this is the best that could have happened to you. After exploring many forms of crafting I found my love in Mixed Media and paper crafting. This is my space and very sacred too. Things which have lost true identity walk into this space and my journey as an artist starts with it. It is never about perfection but it's only how one connects to that particular piece of art. But it can become a bit overwhelming too, especially at the beginning, and make it hard to find your own style or favorite techniques. To me, the key is to keep experimenting at my own pace and to stick with a few techniques that I have truly made my own. But any time I get stuck, trying out something new is the best remedy. I work with masks mostly. For me, it should able to echo my inner thoughts. One of the greatest things about mixed media is this sense of endless possibility. Practically anything can become an art supply! My work of art made me connect to the world I guess. I just had an opportunity to showcase my work with Maeva . They deal with candles and home decor products. Presently I am a design team member with the Expression craft showcasing their product with my artwork.


As I mentioned, my crafting journey started when my kids were really small. Honestly, being a mother does not come with an expiration date...and it is very true that in order to share the love one needs to be in love with oneself not obsessed. It is a long journey where I have to battle my inner demons and constantly realize that I am not perfect and its okay to be that. I do not want to be perfect for somebody to love me rather my imperfections are the reason they fell in love with me. I would say, my Family, is my only asset to be where I am now. Though in early stages It was tough to manage as when you are a crafter mom sometimes it can be challenging but in the end, it's all rewarding, It is like meditation for me. Lucky for me that my kids are in college now and my husband is very accommodating. I think I am in the best place to be tenacious in my art. But still, I remember it used to be tough when they were very young. Inspiration is easy if one just looks around, there is always beauty everywhere and how one perceives that makes it more important. Kids were the start of a very beautiful journey because it made me get in touch with the real me. I have this belief that, we get to choose our life partners but kids, they are a blessing from above...and when one becomes a Mother you have been given a second chance to love and be loved.

One thing that strikes me constantly about the woman of today is they are very driven. They want to be uber organised , set plans to work like they are about to achieve a Medal of Honor but here is a this rat race, one will not have time to work soulfully. For that, one needs to find a space where she can connect to herself. she needs to make herself healthy internally because expectations are never-ending and women have an innate accommodating nature. So my suggestion is to take up any hobby, remember it is not about proving, it is about finding, find what makes you disconnect with the world. Start with just listening to music, start with one hour not checking in with your social media, just randomly make a call to any member of friends, family. Ask if they are doing okay, learn to listen. Trust me if one can start to listen we can respect everything around us so much more.

Thank you for echoing my story I hope it reaches to somebody out there, with lots of warm regards Vandana.