Smiti Pandey

Hi everyone this is Smiti Pandey, born and brought up in a small town of UP, after doing my post graduation in English literature, I got inclined towards Fashion designing, so I did a 2 years course in Fashion designing and started working as a fashion merchandiser in home furnishing and accessory buying houses. Later I got married and moved to US, where I started dancing as my fitness regime. Dancing was another interesting hobby which I use to like from my college days, I use to take part in semi-classical and Bollywood dance competitions and performances. Although I haven't got any formal dance certification, but by virtue of participating in these dance competitions I got a chance to dance with many talented people and learned a lot from them.

But my love for dancing actually became a passion, when I moved to Switzerland and was blessed with my lucky charm, my beautiful daughter Saanvi and somehow that was the year her magical presences motivated me to follow my dreams and I started participating in several Indian events in Zurich, Switzerland. Slowly people started encouraging and appreciating my dancing skills and so I thought to choose my hobby as my career, it has been now 6 years since I took dancing as my professional career, and with each passing years, it is making me more confident as a dancer. Now I’m in Poland where I run by dancing studio “Bollywood Dance Fitness”, here I train people of different ethnicity and age groups.

Since Bollywood movies have a strong musical element in them, the local people here adore it, they love and enjoy the energy and happiness in Bollywood songs and dances, they love learning the Bollywood dance and I love mentoring them. Because of such strong love of locals here towards Bollywood, that’s the reason I named my studio as “Bollywood Dance Fitness”.

To me dancing is just not the hobby its way of life, I also strongly believe that dance is the best way to learn about different cultures and it also helps us to integrate with other culture and societies. Also, dance is not only a great entertainment it has played a much bigger role in individual fitness regime as well.

Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another. So if you have a passion for anything then life is like a MUSIC.