Seema Singh

My journey from a home maker to home Baker


Hi, my name is Seema, mother of two lovely daughters.I am an educationist by profession and currently a part time home baker. Baking was and will be something that I am very passionate about. It all started in USA, where I was a stay at home mom and had a child recently. I had dabbled in baking before my marriage but after marriage learnt baking from my mother in law. Under her expert guidance i became confident in baking cakes and also interested in exploring and experimenting various recipes and techniques. Everyone in my family likes home made cakes, hence I baked regularly. From cakes, cookies to bread an pizzas, I made them all. I had been making and decorating celebration cakes for my friends and family. My friends appreciated getting eggless cakes in USA which was difficult to order from bakeries .After moving back to India I kept on making personalized cakes for friends and family for their special ocassions. Everyone liked my cakes and requested me to teach baking to them, so I started taking baking classes. For few years, I took several batches of baking classes. During this period many people asked me if I would take orders for cakes. I refused at first as I was not sure if I was ready to go into a business mode and also I did not have the necessary infrastructure. After I made a customized fondant cake for my daughter's birthday. my friend said I should start accepting orders for cakes now . I took her advice and started taking orders for customized fresh home made cakes. I invested in basic baking requirements and also bought a larger oven. Since then it has been more than an year now.. I have made all kinds of cakes for people... I modify my recipes according to their requirements be it vegan, sugar free, eggless, custom designed with fondant or modelling chocolate. I have always received rave reviews for my cakes and that makes me happy as it adds a special touch to my client's celebrations. The USP of my Bakes is that I make everything with the highest quality of ingredients and maintain hygiene. There are no preservatives in my Bakes and everything is baked fresh from scratch on order and made with utmost care and designed according to the requirements of my clients. I bake only part time and take lesser orders as my daughters need my time during the evenings. I make sure I bake when they are at school or asleep I have a page on Facebook where I share my creations and prospective clients can get in touch with me. I get most of my orders via word of mouth and recommendations. Happy to say that there are many repeated clients too.