Rupa Swaminathan

I am Rupa from Bangalore and blessed with 2 kids (a son and a daughter).

I was working in MNC but I left my job, the decision to work from home happened after the birth of my first child, a child with special needs, then I realized being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had because of mother’s love is something that no one can explain,It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifices, its all about unconditional love.The creative spark in me is all because of him and I have no regrets about what I am doing today and the love and recognition I have got in this field is very soul satisfying.

My interest in arts started when I got married and had to set up my own house. I had a flair for interior decoration but no formal training, which is when I started learning various forms of art and painting just to decorate “my home”.I started taking art classes from home and have been doing so for last 15 yrs and still do.  My entire family is very supportive of my passion.

My entry into crafting was 5 years back. I discovered my style was Vintage with lots of textures and most importantly, altered art. My USP is up cycling and have hoarded a lot of trash at home and they all get their time to get pampered and have a new lease of life. I see a canvas in any neglected item or household trash and love giving them a makeover. These not only serve as home decor items but also have a utilitarian value! Now that’s living your second life to the fullest! A deserving rebirth, what say???

I feel so happy when people appreciate my work and encourage me, by the grace of God I m Exclusive PLAID Designer for Crafters Corner and so happy to be in the Creative team of Altered Art Design Member and of Deco Art and associated with a Vintage Journey Pinworthy Mention 2015-16 ,my project was picked as the winner and one of the favourites on the Hoarders Anonymous Challenge Blog, winner of Stamps and Stencils, I was on Top 3 of CRAFTY CATZ, winner of BGC for fall challenge and catchy challenges and winner of many more Blog Challenges etc.

When I make my pieces my aim is always that each product is hand crafted with a lot of detailing and most of them have a creative design all around them! No two pieces are going to look the same!

I do believe in “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will”.