Rupa Sukhendu Basu

Hi !! Myself rupa from  holy town in UP, Allahabad.A blessed mother of two cute kids and an emerging artist too.  My previous career as a successful HR professional in the corporate sector also gave me the insight into the frailties and subtle sparks of liveliness which exist in human life. These are the root from which my art work stems. My work is a dialogue on textures, movement and form in their core abstraction. The vibrancy of life comes through whether it is an abstract work or a figurative one. I likes to stretch the concept of coordination as i explores form and style and also the materiality of art. The figures in my work are liberated from their devotion to physical perfection; appear alongside lyrical dream-like spaces. In such doublings of dream and reality, I have tried to explore binaries, as the positive and negative of the image are bracketed in the same frame. Variegated materials, techniques and textures form apt tools to portray these dualities. I also likes to explore reality in portraits of the people. The personalities and expressions come through in works where i has used colors to give grounding to those sentiments. I have tried to evolved my work in its dimensions in both medium and style and surface.

I have  inherited art from ancestral background and not undertaken any academic certification in arts but passion comes from dna, My work is greatly influenced by the rich colors and the traditions i grew up with. Colors have always fascinated and inspired me and  always loved to paint as a child. My works grow out of the daily rituals i experienced as a child. Art lovers can witness the power and genuine love and emotion in each of the creation, all the creations are self-proclaimed and vision of artist itself, for my art is an alluring perspective to see the world differently, the canvas is the platform where i portray my thought, i love experimenting with all mediums. Mostly my painting depicts the daily living around us, and the emotions of common man, social causes. I nurtured an instinct to paint the canvas of the mélange of feelings and emotions that lie within me from conventional to abstract; my brush has known no boundaries. A blank canvas is the real place where the magic begins; my approach is realistic and transparent in and around life, relationship and the physiological effect on the human race…versatility is one of my strength; each canvas tells you a different story…which will for sure touch your heart. I finds solace in the vast expanse of my canvas, immersing myself in the vibrant hues, creating abstracts, forms and figures. One can feel the power, energy and rhythm from my creations. I am a  true believer of Picasso who said, “I paint forms as I think them, not as I see them.” I also boasts of abstracts which allow me to play with my imaginative mind. This provides my freedom area where i builds, breaks and recreates in abundances. The journey in the world of art started late but was a gradual transition from experiencing various aspects of life and feeling the need to bring those nuances out in colour and form.

Thanks You!!