Rukhsana Sarguroh


Hi!! Myself Rukhsana from Mumbai but residing in Bangalore ,after my marriage i spend many years in middle east and explored different countries and there food. Being a mother of two I had a passion of cooking  ,so I did lot of experiments with my food by combining different techniques of cooking from middle east with my indian version and landed up making fantastic combo of both the taste.After settling down in Bangalore I found both my kids are grown up and busy in their lives so I planned of starting a venture in my community, in the starting I welcomed my circle to my kitchen to taste my food and when they admired it, i made a what’s up group and started posting pics of upcoming dishes for the week and my friends liked my idea a lot and they encouraged me in this venture,by the grace of God my venture is successful and it gives me immense satisfaction and it brought a lot of confidence in me.So I suggest all the ladies out there if you have a passion of something don’t stop yourself and always follow your dream.

You all are most welcome to my home to taste my dishes.HAPPY COOKING!!!