Roli Srivastava

Hello, I am Roli, a recipe content specialist by profession and a hard core optimist by nature. Being happy to the fullest has always been my priority in life and belief me, it in very simple, you just have to discover your sources of happiness. I found mine in cooking and exploring food... I am a home cook with a fascination towards heath and nutrition. Being a fitness freak and mother of a growing kid, I love to experiment healthy variations of my favourite flavours in all possible ways. Being a working woman, at times efficient time management is difficult. The solution to this is knowing exactly what you have to do. I plan all my upcoming experimental meals at least a week in advance, so that the raw materials are in place, preps are sorted well in advance and the process is hassle free. Same applies for my fitness and cardio routine too, working out is a vital part of my day no matter how busy I am. It has a therapeutic effect, it keeps me fit, happy and charged for the day. I believe for every woman, especially for working women with kids, it is important to reserve a couple of hours everyday only for ourselves to keep the self love alive.