Richa singh Chaudhary

Hi friends! for those who all know me as baker, will be surprised to know that baking was not at all related to my field. Some one has said right that necessity is the mother of invention! so this necessity was created when i conceived my elder son, n was new in the bangalore city. everyday cravings during your pregnancy times n no friends around led me to spend most of the time in my kitchen, experimenting with new food everyday. So that was the time i came up with my blog . Apart from that baking has fascinated me most, as i always loved to eat cakes but failed to bake for myself. So i attended a basic home baking class to know some basics n to figure out the science behind it. Then it all started n i gotta a chance to put a stall in my community, from where people encouraged me with their feedback to start something of my own. So people who tried my products at the stall started giving me orders for the cake n then i finally stepped into this field. Being a bio-medical engineer and post graduate in marketing, and then choosing a baking carrier was not an easy task, as there were set backs from people in the family, but this time i want to follow my heart. Also it always gave me a sense of satisfaction after every bake. Most importantly i can be always around my kids n work in my time. So pursuing a new carrier along with my kids keep me going.