Pushpa Vageesh

 Hi to all the food lovers and my fellow readers of this blog, I’m Pushpa Vageesh, from Bengaluru. I’m a mother of two naughty kids. Cooking has been and will continue to be my passion. As mothers, you will all agree that serving our families every day with a wide and diverse array of delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare recipes is both dauntingly challenging and exciting. In this direction, I would like to present a paraphernalia of vegetarian recipes.

The power of food and cooking is invaluable; it connects souls and minds across generations, families and friends. Everybody including me loves cooking and enjoying delicious dishes. I inherited this art of cooking from my mother who taught me all the fundamental and essential steps to cooking, from before my marriage to the present times. But it was only after my marriage that I could independently start cooking with much less and less help from my mother, with more and more of my own experience building and accumulating. Learning cooking has been a lot of “trial-and-error” experimentations. In the beginning, there were more errors which, as time progressed and experience accumulated, reduced to rare errors and more successes. We all learn this truth through a constant learning process.

Currently, I am an avid food blogger, after quitting my earlier nobler teaching profession. I would like to discover and invent new gastronomic vistas, by adventurously experimenting and creating new and novel recipes that are not only delicious, nutritious, wholesomely healthy and easy to make and serve, but also tingle, heighten and enhance sensory and culinary experiences while uncovering new gastronomic ecosystems. I would also want to discover easier, efficient and simple ways of preparing already existing but complex dishes. I would like to present authentic yet novel and traditional, time-tested/trusted yet wholesome foods.


Our country is a land of festivals and occasions. We have fortunately plenty of reasons for all seasons to engage ourselves in preparing foods specific to the season, region, religion, festivity and any other occasion and possession. We are also blessed with diverse agro-conditions in our country and a large number of crops including fruits, vegetables, spices and condiments and speciality foods are available; diverse foods can be prepared using this advantage along with our rich traditional and inherited knowledge on foods and heritage.

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It has been an amazing and a wonderful gastronomic sojourn for me all these years, experiencing, experimenting and enchanting diverse recipes, foods and dishes all along. Whatever we can do, we need to do with 3 D’s, discipline, dedication and determination. I urge and invite all mothers to become and get transformed into “creative mothers” by excelling in your field of choice. Passion should be one’s fashion.