Pooja Tyagi

Hello, everyone, my name is Pooja Tyagi from Meerut, settled in Bangalore and I call myself a dreamer. I hold a masters degree in software engineering from BITS PILANI. Apart from being a mom to my two little tots, I also love to dance and laugh. Along with owning a successful event planning venture “one big party”, I am budding tarot card reader too.

Prior to the birth of my daughters, I worked in IT sector for 7 long years as a software engineer. I decided to bid goodbye to my fancy corporate job to take care of my girls and when it was time to return to work, I chose to explore my creative side and start something of my own. That’s how “one big party” was born. One Big Party is an event planning company providing theme based party services in Bangalore and specializes in customizing clients vision. We interact with our clients to go over all aspects related to the theme, colour story, interests, vision, and vibe. We achieve the look by designing elements such as handmade pompoms, lovely rosettes, cutout danglers and fully customized party Setups, we offer a very competitive and reasonable pricing with top quality party arrangements. Being a creative person I try my best to give exclusive well-crafted theme party. I had inclinations towards fancy deco since my childhood and that's what shaped up the idea of being an event planner.


Being a Creative mother is sometimes very exciting but can be challenging too as motherhood is a feeling that one can’t describe in words, it does get overwhelming at times but at the end of the day, it’s worth it, my daughters Charvi and Aradhya are my life. Their presence has changed me in profound ways. I have become far more tolerant one moment my children will make my head explode and the next moment they would melt my heart with sheer innocence. I have become a multi-tasker and have started appreciating little joys of life. In fact, striking a balance between work and personal life gets challenging sometimes. There are times when I have to give it a miss to some of my events, as my kids require me to be with them at those particular times.

Being a mother is never easy. One must go through many changes and fine-tune the approach. But for me, it was a bigger challenge as my daughters have a very close age gap of just 14 months. It was almost same as bringing up twins, just like a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs. When my younger one turned two and started with her preschool, I knew it was my time and I launched my events venture, which is doing very well since then. My husband Atul has always been very supportive of my decisions. He also happens to be my best critic. The second driving force behind my success and rise to whatever level I am now, are my parents. They are my source of inspirations and encouragement.

A message I would like to convey to all Indian mothers who are talented and creative but never exposed to the world, Please go out and showcase it, the whole world should know about it. And don’t give up on your dreams, they are your biggest strength. Don’t feel scared of being judged or failing. “Let nobody's opinion define who you are.”