Hi, I am Parul, I like dancing since the time I was small, I used to dance with my papa, and we used to have lots of fun. I was shy kid at the time and did not dance in front of anyone, once during a party papa asked me to dance on the tunes of “ I am a disco dancer”, since then I used to dance at functions and during marriages. But once I grew older my dancing got restricted to dancing in baraats. After I got married and had a kid, all was forgotten, Kabhi koi chance mila aur dance kar liya toh bat alag thi. I used to be active participant during navrati & new year parties at my society , parents used to asked me to teach their kids, but I used to turn them down as I had my hands full. As my kid grew older I started having more time on hand, I wanted to do something that would keep me busy but it also had to be something I loved. that is when I decided to start my own dance classes, I was thinking of just a few small kids whom I would teach at home, it started with a small batch and then started growing and I suddenly had 3 batches of kids whom I was teaching. I felt I needed to do more so I joined the cultural committee of our society and started organizing events during various festivals. It was a hard task at that time juggling my family , home classes and the cultural committee work. But I pushed along as I loved the things I was able to do. The appreciation I got pushed me to do better and make the things more enjoyable for all. There was a point I felt that I was pushing myself too much, and decided to take a break from the cultural committee work and resigned from my post, The committee was not willing to let me go , I saids I would assist who ever would head the committee as much as I could but I would not be able to do justice to the post if I continued. After about 3 -4 months of my taking a break, a friend of mine told me of a vacancy at a new school that had opened opposite our house, It was to a part time job. I applied for it and after a long wait I was appointed in the depart of dance and theater art, but as they didn’t have any one to coordinate their events I was offered a additional job of a event organizer for the school. The day I started my job I was liked I would not be able to stay tied down to a job , till now whatever I had done was at my own schedule and convenience, and never tied down to a fixed time job. But I gave it a try and I loved working with the kids. There was no looking back after that I took to the job like a fish to water. As the events started taking place I was very comfortable hosting them as my experience with the cultural committee helped me. My work started getting notice and appreciated at the school, and I was promoted to the Head of Department of Dance and theater arts. Now when I look back I feel , if someone had told me 10 years back that I had it in me to do the things I am doing now I would have laughed it off. My family and friends were very helpful and supportive of me and my work thoughout my journey.