Nischita. P. Miskin

My name is Nischita. P. Miskin from Bangalore. I am a mother of a lovely 4 yr old, a practising Architect and Interior Designer and a passionate crafter. Considering the field that I am in Art, Craft, Model Making and working with a variety of materials is my everyday life. But I was first consciously introduced to the world of design by my father who was an architect himself. Growing up around his theories and ideas gave me perspective and pushed me to be a better designer.
I lost my father the day after my wedding and that changed everything for me. My outlook towards life itself was altered and I gradually gave up on design. Basically, I lost interest. The birth of my daughter the very next year again altered my life to great extent. We took one step at a time and I learnt to relearn all that I had given up. Her curiosity motivated me to dig deep and wrap the blanket of art around her. She loves crafting and some of my best crafting moments are with this precious little girl.

Over the course of about 3 years, I attended a few workshops, joined in with a few discussions, browsed through a number of youtube channels and videos to grow as an individual and crafter.During this time I shut down my father’s office and worked at another company that I quit within 3 months on the 1 st of January 2016. After pondering about my options for a few weeks, on the spur of the moment I decided to open up my online store and called personalize Me . That was the best
decision I had made in a long time. My mother, sister and co-brother have been my rock through the whole journey. They have not only been supportive but have made sure that I make it through with my head held high. Design developed a higher meaning thanks to my husband, who is an architect as well. A very sorted, well-rounded Architect. He is my best and worst critic.

I love creating personalized and customized gifting options for myself, relatives, friends and clients. I remembered making handmade cards for everyone I knew as a kid and I loved the feeling of both giving and receiving. It is that feeling that i aspire to recreate for my clients. I have been lucky enough to have found clients and customers who share the need to ‘feel’ that way and that just gives me the extra push I need to constantly challenge myself. Craft brings the joy and peace that only craft can give. And I have loved learning all it’s dimensions and look forward to keep learning every single day.

Talent is something God-given or in a lot of cases something that we grow into, something that we love, something that brings the joy back to you and makes as happy as a child. It's just that we aren't aware, either because it is an everyday thing for us or because we don't get the encouragement. What matters is that we give ourselves a chance, that we give ourselves the opportunity to do what we love. I would rather live my life trying than live it regretting that I never even gave myself a chance.