Nidhi Mittal


Hi everyone ... Myself Nidhi Mittal hailing from Haryana but settled in Bangalore,a mother of a little prince.Being a mother is an awesome feeling and probably difficult to describe in words.Mothers role is very important as she is the one who is building base around the child.Mother is the nurturers & custodian of their kids and families, she explicitly makes the world a much better place.

By profession i am a project manager and working for an IT firm,being so busy with hands full i love to give time to my creative side also because it relaxes and rejuvenate my mood. I think as a person i was creative since my childhood and this never got separated from me and i always use to be ready to learn new things ,i did many different types of creative works and can categorize myself as a Jack of all trades and may be Master in some.Some of my work includes, paper crafting, Mixed media, Up cycling art, Diya making and other small stuffs.
When I moved to Bangalore and saw people displaying their art work in various exhibitions, I planned to take my art to next level ,at that time i got fascinated with a Chinese Art called as Decoupage the art of cutting out designs or illustrations from paper, foil, etc., mounting them decoratively on a surface, and applying several coats of varnish ,i made several master pieces out this craft even i revamped my few furniture pieces too.

So Creativity is like a deep sea and there is no ending to it and it keeps your mind active and happy.So for me 'Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way'.

Happy Crafting!