Neha Singhania


Hi Friends, I am Neha , mother of a little naughty prince.  Before I got this baby gift I was working in IT firm.The day I became mother I feel like I was complete. When I do little things for my child like creating some craft item for him and see happiness on his face it give immense pleasure to me.
Mother is the best companion to her child. She is the teacher and friend at the same time. 

I grew up watching my mother knitting for the whole family,as a child i was really fascinated with needle and wool and the technique of knitting for me it like magic done by my mother with her fingers but when i grew up i also picked up those needles and my mother taught me basic steps of knitting and slowly i started exploring with different techniques of knitting and started making cute and innovative sweaters and when i was blessed with a baby then i thought its a right time to use my skill and made many cute sweaters,caps etc for him and keep making for him more and more. I really like the products of knitting. When you want to make yourself a hat, or some gloves, or a cardigan or whatever, there are literally thousands of patterns to choose from, so anyone is bound to find something that they like. And if something’s not quite right, most knitting patterns are really easy to modify even for relative beginners. And of course then you get to choose your yarn, which can be any colour or material you fancy. And because most yarn is made in small batches, no one else is going to end up with exactly the same thing. So basically, if you knit something yourself, you’ll get something completely unique that’s exactly like you want it. And you get the satisfaction of knowing that you made it yourself.I also really enjoy the process of knitting. It’s a creative process when you’re choosing your patterns and your yarn, and when you’ve actually started knitting, it’s really relaxing. There are some patterns and some bits of some patterns where you really have to concentrate,if you are planning to make the unique piece for your child and overall its a lovely feeling.

There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.So be creative and never hesitate in exploring new things.