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I am Narmadha from Bangalore, mother of two children. “Keep the child in you alive and be active always” is my mantra. So, my husband got the tough job of managing three kids at home.I am a Training and Development professional. I am also a dancer, blogger, I do little glass painting, little doodles. I do write poems in Tamil and English. I was a radio jockey a few years back, in Chennai. And recently I did my first standup comedy show in Bangalore. I have also published two books so far. 1. GET READY LADY, a motivational book for women joining work after their break. 2. GET READY MY LOVE, a book that will help you adore the imperfections in marriage together.

 I am glad to say that I started trying most of the above (except dancing and blogging) after becoming a mother. So, I believe, I am growing up along with my kids.

I got married comparatively at a younger age than my friends. So when life made me a responsible adult, that is when I became a mother and my kids' innocent smiles and their growth, made me a child again. I stopped cribbing and started enjoying every tiny detail in life. Motherhood makes us admire the beauty of chaos.

I am passionate about positive words. Let it be talking or writing. And that is how I started my blogs and slowly stepped into the role of an author. The first book I wrote is about getting back to work and like every mother, I also wanted to quit working for my kids, but was passionate to work too. So I promised to myself.. "if I overcome this dilemma and learn to balance work and family properly, I will write a book about it" and that's how my first book was published.

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Every mother is creative in her unique way, right from ancient days, the concept of singing lullaby while making your baby sleep, the way we goo-goo and play with the tiny one while giving an oil massage, crawling with them, peek-a-boo, using our brains to say different stories while feeding them : motherhood is never a task, it makes one creative and makes it fun and lovely and as the kids grow, our talents grow with them, in fact, its get updated. My son is in fourth grade now, he likes to doodle and that is how I got introduced into the concept of doodling.

My inspiration is my working mother, her kindness to family, strictness on parenting and passion at her work – this combo made a big positive influence in my life.

I must also say both my mom and my mother in law belong to the category of women who don’t sit around and gossip. Rather, being a homemaker, my mother in law, reads a lot and she likes to read about simple DIY art, various recipes. I admire the way she keeps herself updated and she is equipped with good knowledge.So, my source of inspiration exists within the family itself. 

Well, it's not always so easy to be a creative mother. Though other kids admire you and get WOW'd about you, your kids still look at you as their 'monster mommy'. My apartment kids call me “Super aunty” and they find me amazing but the toughest part is to make your own child realize that. My own kids are watching my learning phase, they know my trials and errors. They pinpoint me when I make mistakes. So, the 'wow' factor is limited with my kids.  My ghee paper dosa is a big wow factor to my kids than any of my achievements ;-) that teaches a lot of lessons to keep myself humble. 

Sometimes few questions arise in my mind why to expose your talent to your world? Who defines success and victory? If I have learned one thing in my life, ‘success’ and ‘happiness’ are completely two different things. I try doing many passionate works, I continue some, I skip some after the initial stage. But I am determined on one thing. I do not want to be in my sixties/seventies and say “I wish I had done that work, I wish I pursued my passion”. Rather I will happily say, “I tried every crazy stuff, hobby, passion in my life, and some didn't work out”.I had penned down a blog on this:


Indian Creative Mothers is an excellent platform for us. I think as a society, we mothers have developed a mental trap that, since we have kids and family responsibilities, our wings are restricted. Our priorities are only them. This platform enables and proves to us that “Yes, mothers can be creative, successful and still prioritize their kids and family first always”. Cheers to the team!

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