Mrinalini Gupta







Hi, I m Mrinalini from a  spiritual land of Sangam – Allahabad. I am a mother and an artist, painting used to be my passion but because of studies and job painting took back seat. I did my M.Sc. Biotechnology as studies always interested me, that’s why I never stopped my learning curve. While in a job, I completed PGD in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from National Law School, Bangalore. And after that, my husband motivated me to enroll for LLB. Given that my father is an Advocate, a law was always an option. When I was still pursuing LLB, I was blessed with the light of my life – my baby boy Gritav. Life took a180 degrees turn since then, but there is nothing that I would change!


The painting was always something that interested me a lot. As a kid, I was a little introvert, so this was a medium to express my emotions. Back then I used watercolors to make cards for friends, bookmarks, etc. Then I started learning to paint on canvas using oil paints. I would happily go to any event that was anyway related to sketching/painting, like summer camps or competitions. It was only 3 years back that I started to paint using acrylic colors. It’s interesting to see how far I have come, and how much further I can go with this. I have a facebook page Mrinalini with my latest and most beloved collection.

My mother is my inspiration. Though she never painted or drew, I always wondered how she took time out to knit, stitch, do gardening, etc. We were 4 kids she had to take care of. We also had a pet dog. Our house always had guests coming in, and we had no house help. She managed to do everything perfectly on her own – she always kept us clean, fed well, ensured we studied diligently and gave us the best human values. When you become a mother, you tend to look up to your own mom. Time management is an art, without which you cannot pursue your hobbies. I learned that from her. Being a mother is the most taxing job in the world. It changes you completely – inside out. But the contentment that comes when you see your kid smiling and happy – that’s beyond these words.

My life changed immensely after Gritav was born. I had to quit my job to look after him, which meant compromising with all the dreams I had for my career. But when you have a kid, everything else takes a backseat, because the child is your everything. Such as parenthood. As I got more time at home after quitting my job, I got time to explore my hobbies – and teach the same to Gritav. It’s very satisfying when he looks at all my paint brushes, colors, canvases, palettes and curiously questions me about them – it’s like falling in love all over again!

From crayons to drawing pencils, to sketches, to watercolors, to oil paints, to acrylics, I have tried it all, if not mastered. It’s exciting to learn to use all of these forms and styles. It’s like meditation to me.

During my school life, I participated in various drawing competitions and won prizes in many instances. I also joined a summer class, where my paintings were awarded and were put on exhibition. Very recently, one of my painting was selected for an exhibition in Bhopal.

Creativity comes out best when your mind is at rest. The toughest part of being a creative mother is completion on your masterpiece on time as it's become very difficult for me to complete any painting with a continuous thought flow, as baby and family become your priorities. The easiest part is that now I am a stay-at-home mom, so I always have access to my painting tools. Also, my husband and my boy show a lot of interest in my work too – that support is priceless.

Creativity is God’s gift, and opportunity will rarely come knocking at your door. We all need to chase our dreams, while also balancing our lives. Things never seem to be easy at first, especially taking time out to pursue something that gives you peace but isn’t important for others. At times, we need to stop worrying and start living – doing what makes you happy. We underestimate how important it is to keep ourselves happy, calm, and confident! The world is equally ours, and we must explore what’s there for us…I like to make the world around me a better place – both aesthetically and mentally. With my son in my life now, I am trying my best to set the right examples for him. Through Indian Creative Mothers, I would like to convey a message that it’s never too late in life to do what you want and that giving up is never an option!