Megha Chaturvedi


This is Megha Dikshit, mother of  a four year old munchkin, a housewife turned entrepreneur. The journey from being a housewife to starting my own business was not that bumpy, as my family was right behind me all through. My formal education is in finance, but I always had this soft-corner for handcrafts, decors and an earnest desire to do it by myself.


Long before my daughter was live and kicking in my womb, I had at least umpteen ideas doing round to decorate her world, pouring out my whims and fancies. As soon as I graduated into motherhood, and she gained iota of cognizance of the world around her, it got tougher to keep her busy and occupied without the perils of gadgetery (i-pad, tv etc), as I always had reservations of sending her to a preschool before she turns two. Meanwhile, I got introduced to this material called "Felt" by few of my crafty friends. "Felt" is made out of wool; its eco-friendly, washable and available in so many vibrant colors. It did not took me much time to carve out few interesting activities out of felt for my daughter, which indeed was a in house revelation to say the least, at least it did away with all the gadgets. And clubbing this bunch of activities, it took a shape of a book, indeed a busy-book. Then there was no looking back, with added benefits of not-to carry suitcase full of toys while traveling or on a lightweight weekend gateways. It was matter of few minutes, before she was hooked on to one of them.


With an instant in-house success, I was all pumped up to take it further. Busy-books at the core of it, the range of my products panned out into Hair clips, Hairbands, Magnetic photo-frames, Finger Puppets and many more to say the least. After all this was MY venture, and on 15th August,2015; it gained it's independence, and i introduced it to the world through an exhibition. And here I was; going around places and exhibiting my stuff. In one of these exhibits, Channel-News9 covered my stuff and did a full blown feature on me. And no prize for guessing the star-cast, Me and My Daughter.


It's an ongoing process of observing, learning, appreciating life around you and inculcate it in your products. I also do lot of customization, after all I am doing it for them.

Please drop by at, you will definitely find something enchanting for your little loved ones. Trust me, Busy-book are the way to go, to give you kids a hands on experience to learning and do it a fun way.