Megha Mathur

Hello to all busy Mothers out there Its Megha Mathur here hailing from Rajasthan and I am a happy and confident Mom, I did MBA and BTech and thanks to my MBA- I am administrating and managing multiple hats. I am a Senior Technical Writer and a mommy blogger. I am also a creative writer.

I have a small family. My husband has been very supportive of my ideas. He never discouraged me from doing anything I wanted to.I once wanted to invest in shares and I failed miserably but he never made me feel sorry for it. Though we don’t share our creative interests but he never stops me.My daughter is an awesome creation of God. She is just 6 and she is the fun factor of my life. She is a mommy’s girl and is ready for anything I want her to learn.

Motherhood is an awesome role. My life revolves around her.She has been a wonderful addition to my life. Seeing her and doing a lot of things with her has made me more creative and expressive.


Talking about my work, my FB page is called Mommyfying made easy.


My story has also been published in Mums and Stories:-


A short video made by Servion Global Solutions where I showcased how I do my Balancing Act:-


I write stories and my current story is published on Facebook called Zindagi Ke Baad Bhi.It is not any other parenting blog. It is more of a mummying blog. It is by a mother and for the mothers. It all started when I saw people around me making a fuss that they don’t have time for anything after they enter the world of motherhood. While I had a lot of time even after my daughter was born, I was cooking for my family, talking to relatives on phone, taking my daughter out, socializing, managing office etc.This was because my days were well planned and well executed.All these ways I try to capture and put on my page. Its all about organizing, the well you organize your day, the more sorted your life is.

Like everybody else, I was just a mother but people around me especially new moms inspired me and made me realize there is a difference in the way I plan my day. I strongly believe that active moms raise active kids. I would like my child to imbibe these concepts.

I feel when you are between 25-40, you are very creative, open to ideas, and very well informed about how to put your ideas forward. This time if you utilize properly you feel so satisfied creatively.

According to me, there is no toughest thing in mother's life… its only satisfaction and happiness….Plan your tasks smartly and things can be much simpler and organized.Being creative has put me in a very happy space.

Indian mothers are super talented and creative. Please spread your wings and reach out to the star you aim for…. You can do it!!

When you are blessed with a kid, parenting becomes your hobby. I had and still have a lot of ideas to make my mommy journey a fun……I will never give up. -Megha