Masooda Khan

Myself Masooda Khan, I’m a proud mother of four children all settled in their lives. I come from a smaller know place Varanasi, where being a women is itself a challenge .Throughout my married life I have been busy being either a mother or a wife, but despite that I had a passion towards knitting, the one little hobby which I picked up from my mother and it still consumes me. Since in old days all Indian girls were supposedly to know something in terms of craft, I picked knitting. The other reason as why I picked knitting was the extreme winter we have in north India, so being a caring mother and loving wife I always wanted my family should wear soft and warm winter wears. So I started making beautiful, colorful and cuddly handmade winter wears, slowly people who knew me personally started expressing their desire to knit for them as well.  So I made lots of such pieces for all of them, all out of generosity and of course my love for knitting pushed me to make more and more. As in my earlier days we were not equipped with modern tools of Internet technology allowing us to showcase my talent to the wider audience, but still I loved my journey of making winter wear for all my loved ones and God gave me chance to make cute and loveable pieces for my grandchildren as well. Now I am happy grandmother who is a KNITER…-:)