Manmeet Matharu

I am Manmeet from Chandigarh blessed with two beautiful princesses.I did my MBA in finance and was working in Bank but I left my job, after the birth of my first daughter. From a Banker to stay at home mom was a difficult decision though in my early days I do felt demotivated for not resuming my job but whenever I use to see the face of my baby all my negativity use to go away in-fact she motivated me a lot and geared me up again. I love and adore being a mother, its a greatest gift in one's life. It has changed me a lot. Being a mother is not about what you gave up to have a child but what you have gained from having one. I found new ways to grow my individuality during that situation, I focused not only on getting something done, instead, I tried to learn something new that made my day fulfilling and happy. 
After my daughter started going to playschool I used to have enough time to explore what all I can do to keep myself busy. During that time I came across this beautiful art of paper quilling. I found it quite interesting how from one single strip of paper you can make wonders. I decided to learn this art and this hobby of mine turned into a passion which I loved a lot.

My family and friends motivated me a lot after seeing my beautiful creations then I created a facebook page ( where I treasure all my creations and from their my work got recognition and 

appreciation and then I set up a small business where I started selling quilling items on orders and started putting up stalls in communities where I displayed my quilling skills on gifting items, envelopes, jewellery, home decor etc. On request I started quilling workshops too, it was fun and overall whole new experience in my life.

I have also learned that my best work comes when I don’t really care about the outcome when I am just messing around with the art supplies. True creativity requires a willingness to play with the raw materials. 

From a Banker to a Crafter was a beautiful journey and I found it more satisfying too as being at home I even enjoyed each growing stages of my daughters and it made me a Happy Mom.
Being a Busy Mom sometimes I do feel uncreative and blocked, I utilize that time in reading and researching, and allow the input to get in the back of my mind until it is ready to appear. And then my ideas often spring out fully formed when I am engaged in some sort of task not related to “art” taking a walk, playing with my kids, cooking for my family, indeed Creativity is dynamic and that makes my every item different from each other.

Now after going through this whole new transition of my life, I do feel When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. It is a tremendous gift and honor and quite humbling, none of us are quite prepared but I do believe if you give 100 percent of whatever you are doing and then success will be yours for sure.