Mainsha Gupta


Hi I am Manisha, a working mom of two beautiful children (6 years & 9 months). I was always inclined towards arts and craft from the very childhood but it was ignored as I got busy with higher studies and corporate life. After my son was born, I had the urge to capture his growing moments in a way which could be cherish later when he grows up and we grow old. So Motherhood opened the door of crafting to me and for the first time made a scrapbook for my son with limited resource and knowledge. I couldn’t stop at that and with each passing days/years explored and learnt and am still learning different techniques, styles and forms of crafts. Paper Crafting is my hobby and a biggest stress buster which helps me to recuperate & rejuvenate from the mundane life of managing the corporate world and home. With the little time I am able take out for this passion, I specialize in card making for different occasions(Baby shower, Birthdays, festivals, anniversary, birthday themes), Bookmarks, scrapbooks which I usually gift to friends and family. My husband & family always inspires and motivates me to take this hobby to the next level and start this as a career. With all the support and encouragement, I have started taking small orders and you can visit my Facebook Page to see my work. All I want to say always do what you love to, this would give you immense happiness and satisfaction.

"Great design is all about details. With innovative material selection, sensible construction techniques and modern aesthetics one can craft a unique design language that sets a new standard."  Roi James