Mamta Gupta

Hi, I am Mamata Gupta hailing from Calcutta, settled in Chennai.I am a blessed mother of 20 yr old boy who is a big support for me and my husband too as in my initial stage I found it difficult to start something on my own as I was supposed to be at home too as my husband is a software professional and due to his job has been always travelling within India and abroad so I was supposed to take care of my family ,kids and home,so I gave up my 9 to 5 job as a teacher and became a became a full-time women crafter entrepreneur in this field so that it is comfortable for me to manage family kids and my profession.


As I started my career as an art and craft teacher so it helped me a lot to understand how to move ahead in this craft career as I was able to understand the children and making them do creative work, when I saw smiling faces of kids, when they were doing creative work with me then at that stage i discovered a spark in me, that now I want to do solely in art and craft field then slowly I started with summer camps with kids and welcomed their mothers too.When I taught mothers craft activities then i realised there is lots of potential in ladies as they are multitalented but only they are lacking proper direction and then i started working on ladies too and taught them different types of creative works like Folk & Traditional Art-Warli, Madhubani, Gond, Patachitra, Tanjore, Kerala Mural, Mysore Painting and Kalamkari ,Mix Bag:3D Clay, 4D Statue, Relief, Sand , Lamesa, Candle Making, Mehandi, Papercraft, Glass Painting, & Thai Flower Making , Cold Porcelain Work, Decopauge, Sospeso ,3D paper quilling,Textile Designing:Fabric, Silk, Hand embroidery, Aari & Jardosi, Tie & Dye, Tailoring, Applique Work, Batik painting, Clay & Murals:

Jharokha, Siporex, Fountains, Japanese Pot, Miniature, Ceramic, Thai Flowers, Turkish and 3D Cold Glass Fusion, Fine Arts: Drawing & Painting, Crayons, Acrylic, Oil, Pastels, Poster Colour, Water Colour, Pencil Shading.Fine Arts: Drawing & Painting, Crayons, Acrylic, Oil, Pastels, Poster Colour, Water Colour, Pencil Shading.Jewellery Making: Wire wrap jewellery, Kundan stones n beads, Terracotta, Quilling, Silk, Beaded, Paper base, Polymer clay jewellery, Culinary: Chocolates, Ice Creams, Cakes, Squashes, Microwave dishes, North & South Indian, Desserts,& Puddings, Chats & Snacks, Baking, and Confectionery.

While I was delivering these classes to ladies so they can start something of their own and earn from their talent then I found they were hesitating in speaking proper English and Hindi which is very important to deal with customers so I introduced Spoken and Written Hindi and English Classes too so they can deal with their customers in more productive manner.

After a lot of hard work and with support of my family and students I opened an Art, Craft, and Hobby centre in Kandanchavadi, Taramani, Chennai and named it  Mamta Creations  ,Website :


We also have gift centre where we do customised gifting as per requirements of the customers and that delicate customised gifting and wrapping is done by my talented students.We have tied up with several NGOs so we can help the poor and needy people.We have conducted several CSR Camps for Corporates and we have conducted group hobby, team building soft skill development, some of our elite clients are QUALCOMM, COGNIZANT, TCS, IIT MADRAS, COROMONDAL INTERNATIONAL etc.We also provide vocational training to the underprivileged people for making them Self Reliant. This ranged from providing different training like Art & Craft, Culinary (Baking, North & South Indian Cooking, etc.), Garment Design, etc

By the grace of God, we have a rich experience of 15 to 20 years by now, we are now thorough professionals in this field. Till now we have trained innumerable children and adults. We have also organized countless workshops, Culinary classes, and Camps for individuals and corporates. Mamta Creations has been the subject of many Newspaper articles and Radio & TV Shows.We are also honored with various AWARDS & CERTIFICATION like Pidilite Expert Teacher, FACE Award Winner (FACE - Fevicryl Award For Creative Excellence), Best Performer Award by Pidilite, Exhibition at CP Art Centre, Chettiar Hall, Chennai Trade Center, Maersk.

I do believe when we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.So keep trying you never know how you can inspire others and with support and blessings of everyone your hard work always pays off.