Maher Khan

 Hi everyone!


Its very difficult to express urself being a mother because it comes with great responsibility and I truly believe motherhood is a choice you make everyday to put someone’s else happiness and wellbeing  ahead of your own.Being a working woman, when u suddenly become a mother your priorities change. Similarly, it happened to me too and I started working part time so that I can give quality time to my daughter. When I spent a lot of time at home I realized, in our home we are surrounded with so many interesting things to do and then my passion for creativity got triggered and I made lots of cute stuffs with help of papers,yarn,old plastic,ribbons, etc. Funniest part was that when I saw my cute little daughter I realized a lot of creativity can be done on her too. I did lots of hair styling and recycled her old shoes into cute fresh pieces and worked on her denim skirts and jeans by changing its looks and lots more.


So, creativity has no ending atleast for me. After a month or so I feel like making something new and different out of any thing which is present in my home and I find sometimes I come up with great and interesting ideas which rejuvenate my mood and I love that feeling.


 So be Creative and Be happy!!