Kritika Pachori

I am kritika from Bhopal, I am a dietitian, an artist and also a teacher and above all a busy mother. My mom is my inspiration since my childhood she inspired me to be a multitasker, versatile and independent women. Today because of her philosophy of not being dependent on anyone made me today what I am. I owe everything to my mother.


I am passionate about Warli painting, Mandanas, cone paintings, handicrafted home deco items as I am a Cone work artist, Calligraphy Teacher, and a Painter too. I do put up exhibitions and take classes. I have also painted the school walls of the school where I have worked and have won many awards. By now I have successfully held several exhibitions of Art and Craft. I have my FaceBook page as ‘Siddhika Creations’ by Kritika.

 I am also a Dietitian as I did my Masters in Food Science and Nutrition and I manage my clients and give consultation from my home.
Being a mother is the best thing in my has not actually changed me  but yes you can say that it has made me more responsible and transformed me into a multitasking mother even during my pregnancy days also, I used to paint for hours with all my new responsibilities, I completed my orders of Kettles and Mandanas in that period. I remember that when it was my eighth month, I made around 10 to 12 paintings.


After becoming a mother, nothing seems to be easy, as you have a child to look after, a husband and a family too. My daughter plays beside me when I am working, sometimes my husband and my in-laws engage her when I have some important orders, even along with taking care of her I take my classes too. When you are blessed with supportive family things become much smoother.


 My message to the all the mothers is that ladies in today's world hiding your talent leads you nowhere, to stand high in today’s world you have to show what you have got within you. Remember one thing if there is any wall in front of you don't break your head on that instead fly high above the wall and you will have your dreams fulfilled.


THANK YOU Indian creative mothers for bringing my talent in front of the world.