Deepti Arora


Hi I m Deepti Arora, Founder of Deliver Delights. I am passionate about transforming picky eaters into happy eaters with 14+ years of experience, having worked both in India and Abroad.

I set-up Deliver Delights to specifically support mothers of young children between tender age 6 months to toddlerhood till 5 years to create a strong foundation of healthy eating habits from a very young age for a lifetime.

The idea to work with mothers and transform their picky eaters to happy eaters born with my own picky eater daughter. Her early years  was really tough, being a new mom, wanted only the best but don't know much…I tried everything, took all the steps to feed her healthy food which she never liked, so use to end up feeding her whatever she wanted so that I can keep her happy and calm. Due to this, she developed very low immunity and often fall sick. Husband’s vigorous international traveling helped me to explore new varieties every time. I didn’t lose hope. I did only one thing: Adding variety and being consistent day by day, and soon realized that healthy lifestyle should be developed only from formative years. I started working on her eating habits and transformation happened when she was 10 years. After going through a really tough time, made me think that all the young mothers can come out of this phase with help for sure They don’t have to wait until it becomes a matter of worry for them. Then Deliver Delights was born, and since then I am supporting moms in transforming picky eaters to happy eaters and making mothers Happy.


I share my knowledge through workshops, and through different magazines and love to support the mothers in all the toddlerhood challenges they face in the formative years.I am also working as a Meal Planner in The Shri Ram Early Years School, Gurgaon and serves daily delicious and healthy meals to them.

Being a mother is a blessing. My kids have a special place in my life, as we are the primary nurturer of our family… When I am not with mothers and deep diving their challenges, I am with my kids reading them stories, baking with them. My favorite leisure time is to read,  to cook  and being with my mom and learning to create Magic together as I owe my knowledge regarding adding variety with nutrition and deliciousness to kids plate, to my mother, getting certification in this field came later when I realized I am working with most cutest clients of the world,  but since childhood, I have seen  my mother how brilliantly she handled the kitchen and whole family’s eating habits.  She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in your mind. Rightly said that mothers are the primary nurturers of our family. 

One message I would like to give to all the budding creative and talented mothers Success is not measured by what you accomplish but by the opposition and struggle you have encountered, & of course the courage with which you have maintained against the overwhelming odds. ‘’If your dream excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it’’

Only follow your heart