Iffat Agboatwala A


Hi, I'm Iffat residing in Bangalore for the past 13years+, born & bred in Mumbai. I've always enjoyed the flexibility of working from home. For a decade i was an online stock trader. Sitting in one place for long hours took a toll on the spine, hence I realigned my goals & started afresh. I'm a part time Life Skills Trainer, Counselor, a Home Baker & a full time mother of two grown up kids. I don many hats. A passionate cook, whose love for food translates to trying out new recipes & whipping up delicious food for friends.I give baking lessons to small groups as per their needs. I take baking orders, too. My friends and family love my bakes. So whether I’m baking for a tea party or an event, or just to treat my guests or family, the taste is as important as the visual appeal. Before a person tastes the goodies, it's the presentation that attracts the person to eat. Personally, i prefer rustic cakes and pairing new flavors to traditional quiche & pies. As long as you know how to bake,life is sure to be sweet.!!