Garima Tyagi


Hello everyone, my name is Garima Tyagi; a mother of two amazing kids and settled in Bangalore with my family.

Academically, I am a Science post-graduate but since my childhood days I have had a keen inclination towards Arts.

For me it’s inherent and runs in the family. My grandmother has been an award winner from Indira Gandhi, then prime minister of India for excellence in creativity for weaving. Almost everyone on my mother’s side has had deep involvement with some form of arts like weaving, sculpturing & painting.

My first memories date back to the time when I was around 6 years old and started sketching. The happiest moment as a kid was when I won the first prize in a drawing competition at the age of 11 for my paintings.

Whenever I used to get some free time in school, I made sketches. I took part in several drawing competitions and won several accolades and prizes too.

Inspired from my family, I always wanted to try my hands on oil painting but with focus on academics never got a chance to hone my skills.

Finally once into college, I found myself confident & skilled enough to begin oil paintings on canvas & the results were very encouraging. Since then I have been painting.

As a home maker & hands on mother, life gets busy and I don’t get enough time to pursue this passion in full earnest but I know it’s alive somewhere in my heart and I do look forward & hope to begin a second innings as a painter. J

My only suggestion to all creative mothers is that while phases of life might require you to change priorities never let that passion die and follow your heart!!!