Garima Gupta

Being a woman is a beautiful gift, but in India, being a female and yet able to follow your dream needs a lot of effort and support. It’s a fact that Indian females are not majorly career oriented and their children and family as their priority and that too without regrets.

I have no regrets of that either. I have been a personality development trainer but I would take up only those assignments which would set me free by the time my child would be back home from school. I believed that he is brought into the world by my choice and it is my responsibility and duty for him to get the best supervision in food or company and not any crèche or maid’s company. Being in a transfereable job, we had to shift places and in one such posting at Pune, life changed. Here, I realized had been blessed that I could follow my passion of cooking on my own terms. Indeed it was a talent I discovered after I married and developed it further after I became a mother. I started enjoying to cook and put in my creativity as best use everyday. And when the opportunity knocked on door to participate in contest I readily did so. And after winning a few of them , gained confidence to cook in a contest on national tv. Once I won that, there was no looking back. Got more offers to cook and also to participate in contest on v Then came the difficult part .. leaving family and going to Mumbai from Pune, for the shoot. But when you have a passion for something and you have blessings from the almighty, it just takes a little planning. I believe one should not wait for a perfect situation, that will never come… take any situation and make it perfect Planned out things and managed to go to Mumbai every time, without making my family suffer on any account and returned back before my family felt my absence. I started cooking on tv shows, which made my family proud and satisfied my creative side. It got me name and fame. Apart from that it put me in loop and got opportunities to participate and win quiz shows as well as game shows on tv. Also people started asking me to conduct cooking classes which I did. Also made my facebook page and youtube channel. Then came some more suggestions from my friends and one of them I put to use and started a small Salad business. Would offer 3 types of salad on whats app to my colony members, take orders for the day and serve them in the evening.

Everyday I get an opportunity to come to a world where utencils are my canvas, ladles are my brushes, ingredients ‘my colours and the final dish is my painting !!!!.. my creation !!