Bharathi Gondi

Hi! I,  G. Bharathi, from Tadipatri, residing currently in Bangalore. I did my BSc in Electronics and then I worked as an actuarial software analyst.After my son was born,I quit my job and got trained as a graphic designer and animator and did freelancing for a while. I still do this occasionally. Now my son is older and I have more time on my hands. When, I stumbled upon paper jewellery on the Internet, I got attracted to this craft. It seemed like a good hobby to keep myself occupied and satisfy my creative self. It started as a simple hobby of rolling some paper beads and making a few trinkets. When friends and relatives liked them and actually bought them, I got an idea that I can sell my creations and contribute the proceeds to charities. Gradually, the hobby grew into an entrepreneurial activity that not only became a fruitful way to spend my time creatively but also it created opportunities to meet people with a similar bent of mind. That I am able to help a few needy people and organizations is an additional satisfaction.

My work is called “Cellulose Jewellery” that include jewellery items, home décor, and nifty gift items. All these are made using magazine paper and newsprint. The natural colour of the paper used to make the aforementioned items is retained and thus avoids paints in most of the products. The raw material used costs almost nothing. The products are unbreakable, un-painted and also are water-proof. The products are listed on Facebook and Instagram. They are sold at craft exhibitions. Orders are also taken for selected items.

I was inspired by an exhibition organized by spouses of Indian Air force officials in Bangalore, where the craft items made by them were sold and the proceeds were used for the welfare of the underprivileged. I follow this viewpoint that combines creative pursuit and donating to charities.

I think my family has a creative gene. The atmosphere around me helped nurture my humble talents. It all happened so naturally that I did not even see the transition from a mother to a creative person. As a mother I always felt like a creator! Raising my son is like living my early life all over again . With motherhood, I became a child and re-lived my childhood with my son.Delivering the duties as a mother does not take away anything from being creative. So, I continued to nurture my creative side even after becoming a mother. My husband and son are like supportive pillars for my creative work. They chip in small ways and become a part of it, be it giving suggestions, appreciating the designs, helping me at the stalls in exhibitions, running errands to buy art-supplies and couriering the products once in a while, etc.

A message that I would like to convey to all Indian mothers who are talented and creative but never exposed to the world - 'If there is a creative trait in you, just bring it out.

My facebook page – ttp://,also on Instagram bharathigondi.