Elveera Abraham

 Dear friends, I'm  Elveera from Mumbai, I did my MCA and I was a Lecture in one of the best colleges but now I am an entrepreneur who makes crochet items for kids, adults as well as for home decor and a blessed mother of a lovely daughter. Being a mother has changed me a lot as I feel more responsible. My transition from a lecturer to a knitter journey has not been that easy too as you always have to be more creative and whatever handmade product you make it should meet the expectations of your customer.

My maternal grandmother taught me to crochet at the age of 7. I loved the idea of creating something unique with my own hands and I continued making items and learn new stitches from other people too over these years. I had to leave my job once I conceived due to health issues. That was the time I got back into hobbies. Later when my daughter was a year old, my husband got a transfer to Mauritius. That's where I started crochet work again and gave them away as gifts to my family and friends. My friends in Mauritius really liked my handmade toys for their kids and saw my other work too and they motivated me to focus on my skill of crochet and helped me to start as a home business. My husband has been a constant support and has helped me in all my decisions. Creativity and talent are of course due to the great genes my parents passed down to me and that's how Sweet Somethings was born.


Then I created my own website -


A Facebook page -



 These two Social media platforms have helped me to spread the word out and I started getting orders.I started out with simple things in crochet like hairbands, etc. But I kept learning and checking out various videos and patterns online. This helped me to decode the free patterns that were available and learn from them. Customer support and their belief in me also helped me a lot, as I got orders for things that I had not tried out before, but I never said no to any order and tried out the patterns. Now I can make most of the items by just looking at a picture. So now my portfolio consists of varied items in crochet like:


Kids - booties, caps, hairbands, sweater, dress, jumpers, toys, etc

Adults - shrugs, tops, shawls, earrings, necklaces, barefoot sandals, belts, etc

Home decor - doilies,toran, face scrubbies, Christmas decorations, etc


Being a creative mother is not that easy the toughest thing about it is to divide time between work and home. Even though it is a home based business, it does take a lot of time and effort. So I need to prioritise my time to give ample time to my daughter and husband as well. But at the same time, it's all about your love for work, that keeps you going and helps to explore and keep you motivated.

A message I would like to convey to all Indian mothers who are talented and creative but never exposed to the world is that educate yourself to learn basics of the Internet as its a blessing for people who are creative and talented. Use it to your advantage. In easy and simple steps you can show the world your creative space and earn some money that will support your family. So take up that first step and the rest will follow. You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.