Divya Sethi

Hi! I m Divya Sethi, the co founder of Happy Tummys. I did my Masters in Communication Design with a specialization in Branding from the Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. A creative person at heart and a certified foodie I have traveled around the world extensively and love to soak in different cultures and cuisines during my escapades.

I consider myself as a passionate mom whose world completely revolves around her 3.5 year old son. After becoming a mother I realized the importance of giving right nutrition to our kids. I love experimenting and inventing new recipes and recreating the old classics to ensure that my son gets optimum nutrition While we found a host of healthy snacking options for kids during our international travels, nothing comparable was available back home. Whatever was available contained high artificial sugars, sodium, and preservatives. Fed up of our constant struggle and seeing our numerous other friends with kids going through the same predicament too, we decided to launch our venture with the mission to provide delicious, nutritious, and preservative free snacks for the little ones. And this is exactly how of Happy Tummys™ was born.

Happy Tummys is a home grown snack brand for kids, (aged 2+) founded on the promise to deliver Delicious and Truly Nutritious snacking options that contain No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Preservatives, or Refined Sugars.

Though it was not an easy journey for us in the beginning. Educating parents about healthy snacking habits in kids was the biggest challenge. Kids are so prone to candies and chocolates that launching a nutritious snack almost seemed like a misfit in the market. It definitely took time and a lot of patience. Currently available in Delhi/ NCR, our products have undergone an extensive research phase involving our panel of moms and nutritionists . A rigorous testing in NABL accredited lab as per FSSAI standards. We hand make small batches of our products in our FSSAI certified manufacturing facility and take pride in every bar that we ship to our little customers.

So my journey from a mother to a creative mother was because of my son who has been the constant inspiration behind launching Happy Tummys. He's my biggest stress buster and a constant energy supplier too.

The toughest part of being a creative mom is to juggle my time between being an entrepreneur and a mom. Both aspects are quite demanding and sometimes it can really leave you exhausted. To make it easy on yourself, a solid support system is essential. I am blessed that my parents and in laws are always ready to pitch in with their support to take care of our son when there is a crazy work schedule. And at work, a good, honest and a hard working team really makes all the difference.

So if you are a mother never be afraid of taking up challenges. This is your time! Follow your passion, don't be intimidated by anything or anyone.