Charu Jain

Hello friends! I am Charu Jain (follow me on InstagramFacebookMy Blog, and visit my Etsy store!). I was born in a big family in Sewagram land of Gandhi’s ashram where it taught precious lessons of peace and non-violence. I am now based in Bangalore with my family in India.

I have done my graduation in Microbiology and also a diploma in Interior Design. I am a self-taught traditional artist and I am very passionate about art. I have always been encouraged and supported by my mom and family to be more creative. I regularly create a color-inspired, whimsical world of my own. My work has found a home in many places like Texas, Canada, and America. Apart from painting I also like to craft, dance and meditate. I picked up my brush and color again when I was expecting my second child and since then I have never left my tools!

Painting every day is like a ritual, a meditation or say an Art Therapy for me. I can't imagine my life without Art! I am blessed to See the world with a different and colourful perspective.

My journey from being a mother to a creative mother was very beautiful and rejuvenating for me. My kids and my Mom inspired me to be creative. I was always a creative child, I did a lot of oil paintings during my college days and after my marriage, I got busy with other commitments. But when I was expecting my second child I picked up my brush and palette again and that’s how it all started again

I have always been fascinated by Children’s Book and whimsical illustration. I always doodle to teach my children and I think this creativity has always encouraged and helped me to draw and imagine more. I was lucky to illustrate a book for kids when Sherry Ellis gave me a chance to shape my dream.

In 2015, my dream was realized when I got a chance to work on a children’s book named Ten Zany Birds with Sherry Ellis. The book has been greatly reviewed by authors and publishers and got a five-star rating on Amazon! Ten Zany Birds was awarded an honourable mention in the Education category of the 2016 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards

I have a page named WatercolorbyCharu where people keep telling their views and comments, one very touching comment was from a lady from the US who was struggling from soem dreadful disease and she said my page , my paintings gives her immense joy and pleasure, another lady who had lost her husband wrote to me your paintings and colors de-stress me it is like a meditation for me! This keeps me motivated to do better and better in my work, I feel a life is not enough to learn an Art. Art is huge and vast and I’m still a keen and voracious learner! 

Being a mother has been a wonderful and most precious feeling in my life. Motherhood is a unique time in your life - you are on the threshold between being a child and a mother. It's an exciting time because of the newness of the experience, but it is also a time of great uncertainty.  It's the first time we realize that it's possible to love someone so much.  Becoming a mother expands the parameters of what love looks like to you by opening up a part of your heart that you didn't know existed.  This kind of love is entirely different from the love you have for your parents, spouse, etc.

You don't have to be perfect, but you do have to understand that it's OK to make mistakes in motherhood.  All mothers make mistakes, and you will too.  Just don't be judgemental with yourself.  

It's not easy to balance life when you are a mother of two but I am blessed to be a part of many inspiring platforms with the support of my family and friends,I participate every year in a very renowned and respected annual art fair Chitrasanthey in Bangalore, Illustrated a Book named Ten zany birds, Been a Design team member with itsy-bitsy, Designed craft stamps for Mudra. I have a small shop on Etsy named Watercolourbycharu and I keep taking watercolor workshops for adults and kids. I was privileged to participate in a wonderful International challenge named World Watercolor Month where I enjoyed looking at wonderful art by all the artists from all over the world. It was a huge inspiration and motivation to draw and paint almost every day though I found it challenging to keep up with the demand and maintain harmony between family and passion.

The toughest thing is to take out time for your creativity and practice every day from a busy schedule and I believe in being a consistent performer rather than being in a rat race. Being a creative Mom, creativity Keeps me compose and calm with my kids when it comes to handling their tantrums and demands. My family say you have lots of patience (Thanks to my art ) That keep my stress at bay 😊

A Message I want to convey to all Indian mothers who are talented and creative but never exposed to the world-

Keep experimenting, keep creating, enjoy the process, Dream Big!

Art has always inspired me to be myself and believe in my dreams. Working hard, keep following your dreams I am still doing that! I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read my story. I would love to hear from you!

Last but not the least I would again like to say thank you to Maher for inviting me as a guest here on Indian creative mother. It was an honour and pleasure to share my story with you all.