Akanksha Arole

 Hi, friends, it's me Akanksha Arole by profession I am an Engineer but now I am an entrepreneur who loves making crochet items and as a person who loves to be with nature and to travel to new places, try out new ideas and make friends. I happen to be a Philatelist, in my collection I have more than 1700 stamps from around the world. My collection is still growing. Other than this I am also interested in embroidering, gardening, photography, and cooking. I center my life around two very basic philosophies of life 1. Your good deeds are always rewarded by God, so try to get more and more blessings of people by helping them or making them happy in whatever little way you can.2. Live and let live.

Sharing about my passion for crochet I would like to make it clear that crochet is totally different from the regular knitting. Crochet items are made using a single hook which is called a crochet hook. I learned basic crochet from my grandmother (Dadi ) and my Mom. Since childhood, I was very fascinated by beautiful crochet designs, so I thought of giving a try and started learning it. I started it at the age of 9 - 10 years when I was in class 4 as far as I remember.  Crochet for me was fun then and still, it is. I always kept on making different items for friends and family and as a school craft work but never took it seriously. When I was engrossed in my higher studies and job, crochet took a backseat. I got married in Pune and further, after that, I moved to Riyadh ( Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) with my husband. As I was not on a work visa so while sitting at home I got plenty of time to revive all my forgotten hobbies. Crochet was one of them.
So I started creating different things again, youtube videos helped me at times. In the meanwhile, I got pregnant and made the first baby booties and cap for my child. It turned out very well and I got lots of appreciation. After delivery of my child I was back to Riyadh and just for fun, I tried making a Hello kitty pattern purse. When I showed it to friends who again loved it. The one fine day one of my friend showed me a pic of hand warmers which she wanted for her children and asked me whether I would be able to make them, which I made them for the first time and her Kids loved it. So amongst friends, I got a name for making crochet stuff. Then they asked me to show my work on different facebook groups of Riyadh ladies. From there I got recognition and started getting orders. Due to the support of my family and friends  Crochet – O- Logy was born that gave me a platform to showcase my work and was privileged to do exhibitions in Riyadh and got a chance to showcase my work in front of an international crowd.

So my journey started after I became a mother so I would say I started as a creative mother.  First of all my grandmother who happened to be my first crochet teacher was my inspiration. Secondly, my child, my son is my inspiration in making cute little crochet articles. Moving over my friends and family especially my husband encouraged me to create my page Crochet -O- logy and that gave me a good platform to showcase my work.

Being a creative mother, time management is the toughest thing which one has to face. There are times where you are drawn between completing your orders and giving ample time to the family. The easiest thing for me is that I have a very cute model- my son, to show off my products.

My message to all the beautiful and talented Indian mothers would be - Never underestimate yourself. Please make efforts to spare some time for yourself and your hobby. Even if it is an hour in a fortnight it's fine but please do the things which make you happy, because when you are pursuing your likes, you are not only helping yourself to gain confidence, recognition, financial support but also it is a great stress buster which we all moms need. To help yourself, you must be yourself. Be the best that you can be. When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick yourself up and move on.
Thank you, Indian Creative Mothers, for providing me a platform to share my journey till now and also my thoughts.