Indian Creative Mothers

A creative life is a life well lived.



Indian Creative Mother's is dedicated to all Mother's who are Creative, Exquisite and Optimistic person at home, in short we can say they are real C.E.O who are capable of making any thing impossible to possible. Mother's in India are largely expected to stay at home and look after their families, but they do much more.They are super talented, their homes are creativity abode where they are inspired everyday with numerous ideas of life. 'The essential aspect of creativity is not afraid to fail and come out better than we expected.'

In my life I have met many wonderful mothers, who are both creative and talented, but they never got a chance to showcase their talent to the world, like my mother and aunts who are talented and creative but their creativity never got platform. I am blessed to be raised by such vibrant ladies, however many a times, I think only if they could take their Talent and creativity beyond the adumbrates of their homes, they would have got so much respect and appreciation, they could have even started their own ventures and become financially independent, but unfortunately during their times they didn't had something called Internet. The creativity has finally reached our generation, equipped with modern tools of Internet and technology, allowing us to showcase our talent to the right audience across globe whether it is cooking, dancing, writing, knitting etc. Here in Indian Creative Mothers,we salutes the ever evolving creativity of all mothers and give them a platform to showcase it to the world, here we inspire the never ending spirit of womanhood-to perform and outperform. This platform showcases DIY, cooking and various other talents which help mothers to inspire and create.