Aarti Hudiya

Hi everyone, I am Aarti Hudiya from Nagpur, currently living in Bangalore. I did my Masters in Computer Applications and I am a certified Zumba fitness and Piloxing Instructor. I also work as a Relationship Manager in an International art education company. I am a mother of two lovely daughters.

After giving sufficient time for my kids and raising them well, I decided to go back to my work as being independent is a feeling that gives us a lot of confidence and happiness. I feel blessed to have very supportive in-laws, who have always encouraged me to achieve my goals.

Everyone is born with a unique talent and I personally feel that we should tap our potential as best we can. Make use of your talent by turning it into a profession! Talent should never go wasted.

Though being an MCA, getting into a full time IT job was not suitable in my case after my second pregnancy. Hence I chose to make use of my public speaking, customer interaction and dancing talent in multiple part-time job profiles. This gives me a good work-life balance even after being busy all the time in multiple roles.

All hardworking mothers - working or non-working -have always been a source of inspiration for me. Every mother is a role- model.

I had always been very passionate about fitness and dancing. Being a passionate dancer, Zumba gave me the chance to follow my fitness-centric passion.

It is very surprising to realise just how much health and fitness can change so many aspects of our lives. Becoming a Zumba instructor has helped me change both physically and mentally. I have started feeling better about myself, more energized, and more motivated. Zumba has helped me lose my post-pregnancy stubborn weight gain which had arisen due to thyroid complications.

I strive to set a good example for all the mothers who have joined my class. I try to pass on hope, positivity, lots of energy and enthusiasm through my Zumba sessions.

The exhilarating Latin Zumba music dissolves all the worries that plague our minds and at the end of that one- hour long class dubbed as the Happy Hour, we find ourselves feeling cheerful, free of anxiety and depression.

Fitness, health, and happiness are very important for every mother. Mothers have been assigned a very important job of raising their children right. Our lives mostly revolve around our kids. No matter what we do or where we are, we always have our children in mind. It is a beautiful feeling. Motherhood changes us. It makes us capable of balancing our personal lives, families and work. It teaches us how to handle stress, helps us imbibe qualities like patience, love, dedication, cooperation, sincerity and so much more.

My message to all the mothers who read this is that it is of utmost importance for you to be confident, happy and stress-free. You can be a stay-at-home mother or a working mother, the choice is completely yours but whatever you choose, you should make time for your hobby or join a group activity class or just spend some time with your friends. It is very important to keep your mind active and healthy. Do something that you really like and it will make you happy. And a happy mother makes a happy family.